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Multiple Dreams In One Night 

One of the most stressful things we have to face as an adult is searching for the answers to our questions. When it comes to night time, whether we can fall asleep quickly or stay awake all night thinking about the future or other things. Although we shouldn’t be worrying about the future or stress of the past, we sometimes cannot follow as Buddha told. Yet, our future depends on what we do today. A happy life is to live in the present, not in the past or future. But why I have so many questions in my mind? Due to this, it leads to having multiple dreams in one night. My first dream was seeing a good friend of mine from high school asking me to join her friend’s party. I agreed to go with her, but the strange thing was all of her friends were the bad guys who were able to hurt someone by the black magic. After I saw what happened at the party, I started questioning myself, whether I should leave or continue to stay? I did not want to join those people, so I left the party without letting anyone know. Terrifyingly, after I left, I found myself alone in the jungle. It was dark and I could barely breathe. I thought I was in hell. I kept telling myself to be strong, not to give up easily. I continued walking until I saw the light shines through me. This means there is hope in front of me. After I have passed the darkest, I entered the bright side. I was still in the jungle. I then saw a Buddhist nun who was wearing all white meditating under the Bodhi tree, where it was in the middle of a lake. A Buddhist nun was shocked me with her powerful mediation, which she was able to fly. After meditating a while, she disappeared. This got me thinking, a powerful nun looked familiar. She looked like someone I’ve seen before (me). I thought I was alone again in the jungle. What even more amazed was Buddha appeared under the Bodhi tree. Buddha was meditating and smiling at me. I was overjoyed and my heart was beating fast to seeing Buddha. I wanted to ask him questions, but unfortunately, I saw myself was sitting in the classroom, panicking about the homework I have not yet completed. I followed my Professor to everywhere, to ask him to forgive me and accept my late assignments. He was one of the most understandable professors I’ve ever had. My professor allowed me to turn in my late assignments. I said to myself I would never forget my homework again. Once I handed my papers to my professor, he also disappeared. This brought me to my next dream, which was my fourth dream. This last dream was about me having a family. I was living in my country with my husband. The thing was, the neighbors came to ask me if I enjoyed a life of being single or having a family more? The reason they asked this question because they had sympathy for me. I was working hard, doing the housework alone and did not have a happy family like I was expecting. The questions I received, made me even want to know, "what exactly I truly want in life?" This is the end of my dreams. I sincerely believe each of those dreams has its meaning to it. 

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