Never Change Your Good Heart! - True Kindness



Never Change Your Good Heart!

   Throughout our lives, all of us have experienced the pain of disappointments and expectations. Some people may feel hopeless when no one understands nor cares about them. This may cause low self-esteem and depression, which can be harmful to oneself. The human mind tends to focus more on negative, rather than positive things. Sometimes, we let that one person who dislikes us ruin our day while there are many good people out there who will be still supporting us. Everyone is different including personalities, interests, and the way they look at life. I remember there was one time I was feeling disappointed and heartbroken when I was trying my best to become a better person or do good deeds, but how come some people didn't support what I have done? I even blamed and thought to myself, maybe I wasn't good enough? As days go by, I have more experience with people, which I tried to learn in a hard way from their characters and personalities. I realized that not everyone will have the same heart as us. The way we look at life is similar to the way we look at people. For those who truly see the beauty of life, they will see the beauty in others. But for those who see life as miserable, they will see only darkness in people. Good people will love and support the kindness of others. They will be happy to guide and see us walk the right path. On the other hand, for those who don't believe or support in your goodness, just remember that their personalities and yours are different. As human beings, we barely support or agree on something we feel not right in our hearts. When we learn to accept the fact that their desires are different than ours, we will no longer feel disappointed. Hence, don't let people change your good heart. Always believe in your goodness!