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Don't Be Afraid To Admit Your Mistakes

  When it comes to making mistakes, most of us tend to afraid to admit it. Learning to admit our mistakes is the best way to improve ourselves. Yet, people afraid to admit their mistakes because they know the outcome will not turn out good since people will start judging or criticizing them. Indeed, for those who do not understand the definition of honesty, they will start saying things to hurt you once they know that was your fault. But remember, we all have different perspectives. For those who know the value of honesty, they will appreciate you for being honest or admitting your own fault. Although your mistakes may not make them happy, but they will respect your honesty. As for me, one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to always admit my fault. For instance, there was one time my sister was upset with my niece because she thought my niece spilled the paint on the carpet. I then told my sister not to get upset with her daughter because it wasn't her fault and I was the one who spilled the paint. Even I know the outcome is bad which I will make my sister get upset with me, but at least inside of my heart would not feel guilty if I let others take the responsibility of my fault. I sincerely believe that in order to prove to others that you are a trustworthy person is when you're not afraid to admit your faults. Hence, no matter how hard the situation is, we should learn to respect others for their honesty and don't be afraid to admit if you're wrong!