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Understanding The Four Types of People


   Throughout the journey of life, we meet many people along away. Some give us good memories, and some give us lessons to learn. It is important to be aware of who is truly has best intentions for us and who enters our lives with bad intentions. That is why meeting people can be exciting and terrifying. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you the four types of people I have encountered in my life. Please continue reading if you are interested in this topic. 

1. A Kind-Hearted Person (True Integrity) 
    People who have true integrity will show their true selves no matter who they are talking with or be with. This type of person is honest, trustworthy, and kind. They will never try to be fake in order to make others compliment how good they are. Their good deeds and actions are sincere. Even someone tries to test them, the answer they give will remain the same. They are real but we rarely meet this kind of person. If you are fortunate to have this type of person in your life, never take them for granted. 

2. A Person With Two-Faced
    Wearing makeup makes us beautiful, but once makeup is removed our true beauty will be revealed. That being said, someone who is fake will try to hide their bad side in order to make others to like them. This type of person is not safe to be around since they are not as good as they seem. The intentions that they have may cause us trouble. Yet, we all like to believe that actions speak louder than words. Please keep this in mind, some actions can also be fake. Most of us have been fooled by insincere actions and thought this type of person has good intentions for us. Unfortunately, a person with two-faced will stab us in the back and pretend to be nice in front of us. 

3. A Person Show Their True Color 
   Many people think someone who is mean and bad is the most dangerous person to be around. However, if we take into consideration this type of person is not as bad as a person with two-faced. Why? One thing we know for sure is that this kind of person who show their true color is honest. They can care less what other people think about them. They are straight to the face, whether others like them or not, they just be who they are. Indeed, no one wants to be around with bad guys but we at least be aware what kind of person they are. 

4. A Person With A Good Heart, But Bad Mouth
   The first thing comes to our mind when we meet this kind of person is why this person is so rude? 
But once we get to know them better, they are such a nice person. The only problem is that they do not know how to communicate effectively. This kind of person can defend our name when we are not around. They are one of those people who we should feel blessed to have in life even if they are not good at communicating. 

Hence, everyone enters for our lives for a reason. No matter how good or bad intentions others have towards us, always be thankful for each and every one of them for entering our lives. We can become wiser by learning our lessons. 

Written by: Diem Lam