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Dreamed of Meditating Under The Bodhi Tree

Right before getting into bed for the night, I was thinking about creating a meaningful Blog to motivate and inspire others, but I could not think of the domain name. I was passionate about helping others, specifically positively influence individual lives. I remember that night, I had a good sleep and ended up dreaming of myself was sitting under the Bodhi tree meditating. First, I found myself was walking alone in the forest wearing a long white dress. It was dark and the night seemed quiet and peaceful. I had no fear for this journey alone. I kept on walking though I did not know where I go. When the morning came, I saw the female monastics (nuns) and young monks were there waiting for me. They asked if I wanted to go meditate? My response was, "Yes". I then followed the nuns and monks. Once we reached the place, all of us sat down and started the meditation. The weather was beautiful and windy; flowers were falling off from the tree and flying everywhere. Out of nowhere, everyone was disappeared and I was the only one there still meditating under the Bodhi tree. While I was meditating, I heard Buddha's voice; was trying to tell me of something. When I opened my eyes, I saw the nuns and monks reappeared. They gave me respect with a smile on their face. In the end, the flowers were again blowing in the wind. A pink lotus bloomed out from the ground next to my right foot and I picked up a lotus with joy. After I awoke from the dream, I was able to think of the domain name for my Blog, which I named truekindness.net, a place where stories of kindness are shared and opportunities to show kindness presented. This one of the most magnificent dreams I ever had. 

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  1. I always support and stand by you ..i'm here just because of you only and forever in my heart����