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Dreamed of Lotus Blooms While Walking On Water

On a heavy rainy day, we had to attend a big meeting of Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation (Nonprofit Organization). Unfortunately, due to the flood, all of the supporters and members of KKF were unable to drive. At first, many of Khmer Krom people were furious and frustrated, could not think of the way how to get there. I told everyone to calm and not to worry. There must be a way for us. Everyone then started taking a walk and saying that, "no matter how difficult the road (path) is we will never give up." Almost everyone has reached the place before me. I was the last person who walked on water. What shocked the other three people was every step I took, the pink lotus blooms opened up. I smiled and told them not to turn around, must keep going. Those three people were the ones who had the most strenuous time to walk on the flood. The thing was, I did not feel exhausted like everyone else did. Once I arrived there, I saw everyone staring at me with a smile. I then took a seat and started listening to the presentation.

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