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Dreamed of Having A Lotus Garden In The Backyard

I always wanted to have a house where there are full of lotus. I thought my dream had come true. The sad truth is, it was just a dream. I was dreaming about my family moving into a new house. I was not happy to leave my current home to a different location. I had no choice but to follow what my parents asked for. We then started to pack up our stuff and moved to our new home. When I first arrived at the place and saw the house, I felt like this house was feeling more like a home. Although I had no idea there was a lotus garden in my backyard, but something has changed my feeling after seeing this beautiful new home. Once I entered the house, I felt the warm welcome to our new home. I started to take a tour around the house and opened my backyard door. I was shocked and surprised at the same time when I saw lotus everywhere in my backyard. This made me speechless. There was nothing more I could ask for (that was the best part of the house). I was spending time alone in my lotus garden and picking the lotus with joy and excitement. What strange was, I saw an elder (a less fortunate one) was begging for food in my backyard. My heart was falling apart to see an elder with an empty stomach. I went inside the house to get food and money to give her. Once she has received my donation, she said with a smile "May Buddha bless you." An elder then disappeared. 

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