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Dreamed About My Past Life

Before I was falling asleep, I was questioning myself, "What is LIFE?". Even I knew life is about creating ourselves, but what is the purpose and why all beings born to suffer more than happiness? I then started praying, "Oh my enlightened one (Buddha), beloved of my soul, I adore you. Please show me the path, enlighten me, strengthen me, guide me, and console me. Tell me what I should do; give me your orders. I promise to submit myself to all you desire of me and to accept all that you permit to happen to me. May all beings happy, peaceful, and free." That night, I was dreaming about my previous life. From the beginning of the dream, I was in the jungle with my sisters and other people. It was a beautiful day and we all started walking to find a place to relax. Terrifyingly, it seemed like we went there together as a group but I was the only one who was walking the different path from everyone else. I was lost in the jungle and all of the sudden the sky was getting dark, then I found myself was in a scary house alone. I couldn't find the way out but got locked inside of that house. I said to myself, "My day is coming. This is my destiny. I will have to accept whatever comes my way." The wind started blowing and heard a lady's voice from somewhere was telling me to close my eyes if I wanted to get the answer to my question. I then followed her words and started to close my eyes. It seemed like I had another dream while I was dreaming. Once my eyes were closed, I saw a lotus in a pond and a beautiful woman with a white dress was there with me pointing out a pink lotus and said that was me in the previous life. I asked, "What does this mean?" She responded, " I was a lotus from my past life." I asked her again, "If I was a lotus, how could I become a human in this present life?" She answered with a smile, "You must experience the life of a human in order to achieve nirvana. We want to see how you would respond to your obstacles." A Beautiful Woman then disappeared. After I opened my eyes, everyone was still there with me. 

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