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What is Donation?

A donation is when you give something to a charity or a person in need without expecting anything in return, but to see their smiles. There are three types of donations: Wealth, Dharma, and Fearless donation. First, wealth donation includes "outer wealth" and "inner wealth". The outer wealth is money or properties, where you donate the money to the less fortunate. For inner wealth is our body strength, labor, wisdom, spirit, and time. This is when you volunteer at the temple or community, in which you participate in the work. The second donation is Dharma, which means Buddha dharma. For instance, teaching dharma in the temple is called Dharma donation, showing the correct path to enlightenment. Third, Fearless donation. The primary in this donation is vegetarian. If you are a vegetarian, then you donate fearlessly. You abstain from meat nor have enemies with all beings. Instead, you should love and protect all the animals. This is fearless, meaning to let all beings avoid "fear". But when you see a mosquito, ant, cockroach, and other small insects, you have the intention to kill them, you will end up commit a sin. Therefore, if you never take anything that doesn't belong to you, this also belongs to fearless donation. When all beings have no fear to be around you, you have donated the fearless to them. In addition, when you donate wealth you will get wealth. You will gain knowledge and wisdom from Dharma donation. Last, fearless donation increases your life expectancy and having a healthy lifestyle. Remember, only those whose hands and hearts are pure will get rewards from these donations. Please keep spreading the love and kindness!